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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Okay, so nothing has really inspired me to write a blog in a really long time. James Posey changed that tonight with a foul on Kirk Hinrich in Game 3 of the Bulls/Heat series that looked more like a hit you would see on the ice that sits below the floor at the United Center.

The foul was reminiscent of John Chaney sending the thugs out to commit fouls at will. It was the cheap shot of all cheap shots. No attempt at obtaining the ball, just an attempt to break Hinrich's arm. In a way, it was the perfect symbol of flattery. Nobody, and I mean nobody, not even Dwayne Wade has been able to guard Hinrich during the series. So Posey thought he would do his team a favor and try to knock Hinrich out of the series. Sure, it might cost him a one game suspension, but what does Posey care? He would be back for the second round of the playoffs anyway, right? (Assuming of course he sent Hinrich to the bench for the remainder of the series and the Heat went on to win the series.)

If Posey plays on Sunday in Game 4, the NBA has no justice. Udonais Haslem and Ron Artest, Posey made what they did look like the nice kids on the playground.

The precedent has been set, and if the NBA front office lets Posey go, we'll have no choice but sit back, chuckle and shake our heads. I'll go so far as to say Posey should receive a two game suspension. Yeah, that's right, pure intent to injure, that's not right.

And before I wrap this up, let me throw out some props to Craig Sager for finding the NBA brass, whose name escapes me at the moment, to ask about a possible suspension. The man in the suit said, "I saw Posey running don't the court sizing up Hinrich." If that doesn't say suspension, I don't know what does. We shall see, my friends, we shall see. But if the NBA front office has any pride and sense, Posey won't play in Game 4, and if they're really feeling big, they'll put him away for Game 5 too. I'll update the situation on Sunday. Until then, later.


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